NTA co-chair wins prize at Heart-Brain Connection Summer School

What an exciting three days at the Heart-Brain Connection Summer School! So much was learned from bringing people from across Canada together in the first – but definitely not last – event of this kind. Organizers met and exceeded the goal of starting a movement of interdisciplinary inter-organ system science and clinical translation. And, participating trainees are on a path to collaboration and commitment to heart-brain research — helping to show their mentors the way.

CanStroke Recovery Trials and StrokeCog were among sponsors of this important event, held at the University of Ottawa from August 16 to 18.

Visit the Heart-Brain Connection Summer School website to view presentations and get more information on upcoming opportunities:

Congratulations to CanStroke NTA co-chair William Betzner, MSc Candidate at the University of Calgary, who won the Best Rapid Fire Oral Presentation at the Brain-Heart Connection Summer School.

Supervisors:  Aravind Ganesh, MD &
Eric Smith, MD

A Qualitative Study of the Experiences of People Living with Dementia (PLWD) Who Have a Stroke.