$312,500 awarded to five winners of the StrokeCog Postdoctoral Fellowship

Announced at the Clinical Trials Training Summit in Montreal, five postdoctoral fellows (PDFs) were awarded $62,500, for a total amount awarded of $312,500 across 3 provinces.

Of the awards, 3 of them were provided with matched funding – matched funding for the 1 UBC award of $21,500 from Michael Smith Health Research BC, and matched funding for each of the two awards from Alberta Innovates for the awards from the University of Calgary. The fellowship competition was done in collaboration with CANTRAIN, a national clinical trials consortium.

The purpose of this award is to support PDFs working in the area of clinical trials in stroke and/or vascular cognitive impairment (VCI). Additionally, it includes equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility (EDIA) training for awardees and promotes patient engagement. Applications for the upcoming competition will be through the CANTRAIN portal coming soon. 

Congratulations to Drs. Bogna Anna Drozdowska, Matthew Chilvers, Narlon Cassio Boa Sorte Silva, Reeman Marzouqah, and Urvashy (Sandhya) Gopaul!

Learn more about the winners:

Dr. Bogna Anna Drozdowska

Dr. Matthew Chilvers

Dr. Narlon Cassio Boa Sorte Silva

Dr. Reeman Marzouqah

Dr. Urvashy (Sandhya) Gopaul