We are the global hub for virtual training and networking in stroke recovery.

Our National Trainee Association has more than 200 members who participate in:

  • workshops
  • mentorships
  • webinars
  • courses
  • lab exchanges
  • and more.

Again this year, the pandemic forced all programs to pivot to a virtual format, which meant that more people than ever – from all parts of the globe – took part in our educational offerings.

More than 80% of the 200 who take part in National Training Association (NTA) activities each year stay in the field of stroke recovery. 

The NTA is led by an Executive Committee with four co-chairs — two representing basic research and two representing clinical research — who are selected each year by the trainees.

CPSR Staff Support:

Farrell Leibovitch, MSc, Director, Research and Training Programs, CPSR

To join the CPSR NTA (there’s no cost), please complete the following online survey, NTA Sign Up.


Seeking CPSR NTA Co-Chairs for 2023

CPSR National Trainee Association is seeking applications for the CPSR Executive Committee Co-Chairs for 2023.  Positions available include Basic Science and Clinical Research Co-Chair positions. As a chair of the CPSR-NTA, you will work closely with the other co-chairs as well as CPSR Director of Research and Training Farrell Leibovitch, to develop, organize, and implement networking and training opportunities and programs for CPSR-NTA members.

Eligibility: Open to all research trainees (i.e., graduate student or PDF) working in the area of stroke recovery research, including trainees outside of Canada.
Benefits of being a Co-Chair: Exposure within the Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery and the broader stroke research community; develop connections with a large network of stroke research trainees; project and leadership experience from being co-chair of a national association

Primary Responsibilities: Development and implementation of current and new trainee networking programs; planning the 2023 Stroke Program in Neurorecovery (SPiN) workshop (including international sites); promote and support NTA activities and respond to trainee inquiries

Time Commitments: It is a year-long commitment, starting in January 2023, with the possibility of renewal for an additional year; weekly conference calls, 30-60 minutes in duration; provide input into NTA communications; participation in NTA activities

If you are interested in applying to be a co-chair, please send an email to by Thursday December 1, 2022, with the following information: a brief bio of yourself and your research; why you want to be a co-chair, why you would be appropriate for this position, and what skills/experiences you bring; up-to-date CV (in simple format preferred).The entire text (excluding CV) should be between 500-1000 words.

If you have any specific questions please send them to

180 Pitch

The 180 Pitch is an opportunity for trainees to gain experience presenting their research in a format that is both concise and engaging. They will each have just 180 seconds to explain their research (e.g., project, thesis, dissertation, research method) to a general audience – a key skill for knowledge transfer and increasing real-world impact of their work!

  • Nov 30 @ 2-4pm ET – Competition Finals

Prizes will be awarded to: 1) the top-ranked 180 Pitch in the final ($150), 2) the runner-up 180 Pitch in the final ($75), and 3) the People’s Choice Award ($50).
Sign-up information below!

To watch the 180 Pitch Competition, simply sign up for the NTA (details above) and you will be sent a link.

Previous winners:

Watch Cristina’s 1st place pitch HERE.
Watch Jasmine’s runner-up pitch HERE.

Trainee Day to precede ASR meeting

CPSR’s NTA is organizing an event just for trainees on Friday Jan 20, 2023 from 2-4:30pm EST, which will include an opportunity to present, network and hear a talk by Dr. Lara Boyd of the University of British Columbia on networking at conferences. If interested, sign up for the NTA (details above) to receive information about the event.

The Future of Stroke Rehabilitation

In November, Dr. Janice Eng of the University of British Columbia was awarded an honorary doctorate in Rehabilitation Sciences from Laval University for her national and international leadership in the field of stroke recovery. As part of this award, she gave a presentation titled Changing Rehabilitation Practice : One step at a time.
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