Today is the final day of the CPSR Annual Scientific Meeting

Don’t forget to tune in for the third and final day of the CPSR Annual Scientific Meeting, which gets underway at 2 pm EST.

Yesterday, participants received updates on CPSR projects, joined workshops, poster presentations and heard from speakers in the plenary session on new research efforts into the impact of COVID-19 on the brain.

The first session at 2 pm EST today kicks off with Dr. Keith Muir of the University of Glasgow, who will describe the PISCES-2 Trial (stem cells for stroke recovery).

Other highlights include a description of the CanStroke Recovery Trials platform and Canadian trials, such as:

  • DOSE to determine optimal post-stroke exercise with Dr. Janice Eng of UBC; 
  • CAMAROS, an upcoming trial to augment rehabilitation outcomes post-strokewith Dr. Bruce Dobkin of UCLA and Dr. Sean Dukelow of the University of Calgary; and,
  • MODEX to treat post-stroke fatigue with Dr. Mark Bayley of Toronto Rehab.

Dr. Alexander Thiel of McGill and Dr. Jodi Edwards of the Ottawa Heart Research Institute will describe CanStim, the Canadian Platform for Research in Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation, which they lead.

There will also be a presentation by Dr. Julie Bernhardt of the University of Melbourne, who will share important news of an exciting new global initiative to boost collaboration and research.

The day concludes with Trainee Presentation Winners!

Join us on Twitter using the hashtag #strokerecovery2020. It was great to see your comments on Day 2 of the meeting.