Read our 2020-21 Annual Report

As we reflect on where we’ve come, we also look to the road ahead. In the next two years, our community — and this Partnership — will face its own set of challenges and we will need to take a new direction. Our current funding model comes to an end in March 2023.  We say this with deep gratitude for two decades of incredible support from Heart & Stroke and from our other partners.

Investments in the Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery (CPSR) have provided crucial research infrastructure, helped recruit top scientists, developed capacity, catalyzed new ideas, built platforms and training programs, created opportunities to leverage investments, and sustained a robust and networked community focused on stroke recovery.

With an eye on 2023, our Board, our management team, and our scientific leadership will work hand in hand with the research community to determine how to sustain programs, platforms and tools. Based on what we’ve seen through the pandemic, we are confident that creative solutions are possible. People living with stroke expect nothing less.

Rod McKay, Chair, Board of Directors; Katie Lafferty, CEO; Dr. Andrew Demchuk and Dr. Sean Dukelow, Co-Scientific Leaders.

Read the full annual report and audited financial statements HERE.