Anne Vivian-Scott joins CPSR Board

CPSR is pleased to announce that Anne Vivian-Scott, MBA, PEng, President and CEO, Kinarm, has joined the Board of Directors: Ms. Vivian-Scott’s 25 years in professional practice has led her in fields as diverse as engineering construction to corporate finance. The majority of her career has been occupied by the challenging task of commercializing university-based research discoveries into meaningful products and services. She took on the headship at Kinarm in 2009, becoming full-time in 2013. Her current role is very representative of the approach taken by PARTEQ Innovations, the technology transfer agent of Queen’s University, to commercialization: roll up your sleeves, develop an achievable business plan, get operationally involved, and run those entities through the early years. She manages sales, marketing, finance and the quality management system. Ms. Vivian-Scott has a B.A.Sc. in Chemical Engineering (Waterloo) and MBA (Concordia). She holds a seat on the Ontario Brain Institute’s Industry Advisory Council.