In 2013, CPSR launched a national training and mentorship program to identify the next big research stars. Our training program attracts and retains hundreds of Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP). More than 80% of the 200 who take part in National Training Association (NTA) activities each year stay in the field of stroke recovery.

Our popular Stroke Program in Neurorecovery (SPiN) is the most impactful training program for emerging stroke researchers in Canada. In addition to SPiN and our mentorship program, the NTA supports lab exchanges, hosts monthly webinars, and more. 

The NTA is led by an Executive Committee with four co-chairs -- two representing basic research and two representing clinical research -- who are selected each year by the trainees. 


CPSR Staff Support: 

Farrell Leibovitch, MSc Director, Research and Training Programs, CPSR


To join:

To join the CPSR NTA (there’s no cost), please complete the following online surveyNTA Sign Up.

Interested in being a NTA Co-Chair? Learn more.


"Being part of the National Trainee Association has provided me with numerous opportunities to network with like-minded scientists and trainees across Canada, which would not have been possible otherwise. I have also benefitted immensely from the comprehensive workshops, covering a wide variety of topics on stroke, ranging from cellular/molecular to systems-level neuroscience." 


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