The Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery works to identify, support and to share game-changing stroke recovery research through the development of tools and resources for clinicians, patients and families.

Among the most popular tools:

Our series of self-management videos, created in partnership with the Early Supported Discharge team/Calgary Stroke Program, Alberta Health Services and Heart & Stroke. These videos, prepared by clinicians during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, provide strategies for post-stroke recovery. Topics include anxiety, depression, stress, upper extremity management, and much more. As of September 2020, 11 English-language and 5 French-language videos had been created and posted to our YouTube channel. More videos are in development. Watch all of our videos here:, led by Dr. Annie Rochette at the Universite de Montreal. Stroke Engine includes all the latest assessment tools for clinicians, research evidence on therapies for stroke recovery, best practices and e-learning modules. The site segments content for different audiences, including allied health professionals, patients and families. Stroke Engine gets about 12,000 visitors a week. is led by Dr. Robert Teasell at Western University. Evidence-based Review of Stroke Rehabilitation, which recently released its 18th edition, feeds academic research and informs best practices. The EBRSR now includes in-depth reviews of well over 4,500 studies including 2,300 randomized controlled trials. Parts of the EBRSR have been translated into a number of languages. The Evidence-based Review has been used to in the development of stroke guidelines in countries around the world and has been highlighted at many international meetings.

ViaTherapy app, created by Dr. Mark Bayley at Toronto Rehab and Dr. Steven Wolf of Emory University, was launched in 2017 (learn more at and was recently named one of the Top 5 rehab apps at the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Neurology (ACPIN) meeting held in Manchester, U.K. So far, 6,700 people have downloaded the app on the iTunes and Google Play stores. The free app provides best practice and evidence-based recovery interventions for upper extremity stroke rehabilitation. The Viatherapy team is in the process of integrating 23 videos into the app.

A full list of resources for patients, families and clinicians can be found under Resources>Clinicians and Resources>Patients. We have also produced some videos focusing on CPSR research efforts. Find them at Resources>Videos.

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