Bruce Churchill-Smith
ChurchillSmith Mediators

Mr. Churchill-Smith, Q.C., is former senior partner with BLG. In addition to maintaining his own mediation and litigation practice, Mr. Churchill-Smith has been extensively involved in pro bono work. He was the recipient of the Distinguished Service Award for Pro Bono Legal Service 2015 from the Law Society of Alberta and Canadian Bar Association. He is Past-President of Pro Bono Law Alberta, Past-Chair of BLG’s National Pro Bono Committee, and a member of the Law Society of Alberta’s Pro Bono Task Force. He is also a coordinator of the Child Advocacy Pro Bono Project (a Joint Initiative of BLG, the Children’s Legal Education Resource Centre, and Pro Bono Law Alberta) and a past chair of the Volunteer Lawyers’ Service. Mr. Churchill-Smith is also a Council Member of the Foothills Medical Centre Development Council, 2007 to present (Foothills Hospital) and a past Member, Board of Directors, Womens’ Health Development Council (Grace Hospital).