Calling all potential candidates

Reminder: Application deadline is Dec 14, 2018

CPSR National Trainee Association is seeking applications for the CPSR Executive Committee Co-Chairs for 2019.  There are two positions available – one for the Basic Science Co-Chair position and one for the Clinical Research Co-Chair position. Chairs of the CPSR-NTA work closely with CPSR Director of Research and Training Programs Farrell Leibovitch and Research Program Coordinator Karen Truong to develop, organize, and implement networking and training opportunities and programs for CPSR-NTA members.


Eligibility: Open to all trainees (graduate student or PDF) working in the area of stroke recovery research.

Those interested in applying to be a co-chair should send an email to by Friday December 14, 2018, with the following information:

1) Identify which position you are applying for - either the Basic Science or Clinical Research Co-Chair

2) Include a brief personal bio and a description of your research

3) Indicate why you want to be a co-chair and why you are a good fit for this position

4) Include an up-to-date CV (in simple format, preferred).


The entire text (excluding CV) should be between 500-1000 words.

To read about the benefits of being a CPSR NTA Co-Chair, please visit

Specific questions may be addressed to


CPSR National Trainee Association Executive Committee

Liam Kelly, MSc, PhD (c), CSEP-CEP, NLCK (Co-Chair), Memorial University of Newfoundland

Matthew McDonald, PhD (Co-Chair), University of Ottawa

Farrell Leibovitch, MSc, Director of Research and Training Programs, CPSR

Karen Truong, Research Program Coordinator, CPSR