Equity, diversity and inclusion statement: Heart & Stroke Foundation Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery

We believe that equity, diversity and inclusion enrich the Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery (CPSR) and strengthen the quality and relevance of our research.  The CPSR strives to ensure equity, diversity and inclusion in all facets of the organization – from our training program, which attracts and retrains the next generation of researchers, to all levels of leadership, our advisory committees, our scientific community, our staff, and our research participants. 

As part of our recruitment strategy, we aim to ensure our Board of Directors and CPSR committees are balanced to include representation of women, Indigenous communities, visible and non-visible minorities, and persons living with physical, cognitive, communication and psychological disabilities from stroke. 

We work to provide care partners and patient advocates a voice, and to ensure all CPSR research programs are accessible to eligible participants regardless of diverse gender identities, economic, cultural or religious backgrounds. Our research review system ensures fair treatment of all scientific proposals and applicants by referees. We provide fair, flexible and accessible work environments. 

We value the perspectives of a full spectrum of experiences and ideas with the goal of building a more innovative and inclusive research network that advances recovery from stroke, one of Canada’s biggest health challenges. 

There are more than 405,000 Canadians -- from all communities and all sectors of society -- living with long-term disability from stroke and the number will double in 20 years.