Contact information for trial coordinators and research leaders is available here:

RESTORE (Robot Enhanced Stroke Therapy Optimizes Rehabilitation) trial, led by Dr. Sean Dukelow at the University of Calgary/Hotchkiss Brain Institute, is a CIHR-funded study that compares two intensities of robotic therapy for rehabilitation.

RESTORE compares the response of early robotic rehabilitation (starting ~5 days post-stroke) vs. later robotic rehabilitation (starting ~25 days post-stroke) and one hour/day vs. two hours/day on upper extremity motor outcomes.

The trial is running at Foothills Medical Centre, Vernon Fanning Centre, UHN/TRI and at Queen’s University. It will soon be rolled out at UHN/TRI and Queen’s.  The robot used will be the Kinarm. Participants will complete several different robotic tasks that were designed specifically for the trial.  The pilot trial is published here: