Trial - FLOW

Contact information for trial coordinators and research leaders is available here:

FLOW (Fluoxetine to Open the Critical Period Time Window to Improve Motor Recovery After Stroke). FLOW involves a ‘combination approach’ — the anti-depressant drug fluoxetine and exercise — aimed at reopening the window of recovery for people with chronic stroke. A TMS add-on study looked at the added value of brain stimulation in the combination-therapy approach. Recruitment for the multi-site FLOW trial has now concluded and researchers have begun analysis of the results. Information on the trial outcomes will be published and posted here.

(Pictured below: A participant and therapist in the FLOW trial. They are ‘mask-less’ because the photo was taken pre-pandemic.)

"Thank you for opportunity of doing the study. I enjoyed it, and very much appreciated the therapy and collaboration. The team was very professional and personable. Such a worthwhile cause in furthering progress for stroke patient treatments and the resultant challenging functionality of day-to-day existence."

Anthony, a FLOW participant