Farrell Leibovitch
Director, Research and Training Programs

Farrell has been working with the CPSR since its earliest days. He started as the Toronto regional manager, expanded his role into the manager of scientific operations and now is leading the research and training programs agenda. After completing an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in neuroscience and biology at the University of Toronto, he went on to complete a Master’s degree at the Institute of Medical Sciences at U of T. His research topic was “The Topography of Hemispatial Neglect” in which he explored brain-behaviour relationships in stroke patients who were experiencing hemispatial neglect (characterized by a failure to attend to half of space). He has published more than 10 journal articles and more than 20 abstracts. In 1997, he received the FROSST award for research excellence in Nuclear Medicine Sciences based on his research project. Prior to coming to the CPSR, he spent four years working as a clinical trial coordinator at Sunnybrook in stroke and dementia studies.